Plate Carrier Releasable LT025/V A2

Plate Carrier Releasable LT025/V A2
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LT025- V A2 The Workhorse EVOLVED The LT025/V is a releasable plate carrier we introduced in 2014. Now considered a genuine classic, this mission-rel...
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LT025- V A2 The Workhorse EVOLVED

The LT025/V is a releasable plate carrier we introduced in 2014. Now considered a genuine classic, this mission-reliable plate carrier is fully made of 500-denier CORDURA® fabric and continues to offer standout popular features including pull-cable full-release dismount capability, separate soft- and hard-armour pockets, releasable front flap, and a chest-rig extension option. If you already have an LT025/V and want to keep it as your mission gear-buddy but still are keen to try something new, then the LT025/ V- A2 could be just the item you’re looking for!

If our recently debuted LT025/V A1 represents a rebirth of the classic LT025/V plate carrier but with a focus on improved manufacturing processes, then the new LT025/V A2 stands as a workhorse evolution with its skeletonised waistbelt made from classic webbing. This weight-saving belt makes it possibile to mount Lindnerhof pouches along both its outer AND inner faces—pouches you choose from the ENTIRE Lindnerhof range!

Carry more by zip-on

As you might have noticed by examining other Lindnerhof plate-carrier models, we make a practice of offering the option to add zip panels at the rear of the carrier. Two zippers on the pack section let you rapidly and easily yet super-quietly attach Lindnerhof modular zip panels. The zippers are also compatible with systems made by Crye and others widely used.

All about comfort & modularity

The A2 version gives you more control over comfort by letting you choose where to put the padding—front, back, or both (previously, you could add padding to only the back)

2 release options

A key feature of the LT025/V that we kept as part of the new A1 version and is found as well in the A2 is the cable-pull release. This gives you two dismount/release options:

Option 1—pull the cable on the shoulder strap for a full drop (you pick which side you want as your drop set-up)

Option 2—pull the cable at the bottom rear for a waistbelt-only drop (use this option if you need to immediately perform casualty care or conduct a checkup but want to avoid exposing yourself to greater risk that comes with having to take off your plates and attached equipment)


  • Two-part release system
  • Removable back & front padding
  • Skeletonised waistbelt
  • Zip-panel compatible
  • Separate soft- & hard-armour pockets
  • Releasable front flap
  • Chest-rig extension
  • Material: 500-denier CORDURA®
  • Weight: 1.1 kg


  • 1 front piece
  • 1 rear piece
  • 1 skeletonised waistbelt
  • 1 Drop-of Set LT025/5-ZUB
  • 1 instruction manual