Plate Carrier Ultralight MX244

Plate Carrier Ultralight MX244
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Ultralight Plate Carrier MX244 Weighing just 450 grams, this ultralight carrier serves as a grid to carry SAPI L-sized plates. Additional plate sleev...
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Ultralight Plate Carrier MX244

Weighing just 450 grams, this ultralight carrier serves as a grid to carry SAPI L-sized plates. Additional plate sleeves protect and fully camouflage the plates.

The lightest way to carry your plates

The MX244 Ultralight Plate Carrier is built as a grid for carrying your plates but with the addition of only minimal extra weight. To further reduce weight, the carriers are made of the newly introduced multiaxial laminate in combination with our patented and proven hook buckle (there’s one of these extra-slim 25mm hook buckles for each shoulder strap as well as for a two-row-only waist belt.

On and off in the blink of an eye

Our patented hook buckle is a classic quick-release system, but it’s also designed to close fast, silently, easily, and in multiple directions as needed. 

The MX244 comes with our extra-slim 25mm hook buckle on the shoulder straps and waist belt. These hook buckles are so slim that they stay more out of the way of your weapon system and give you more space along your waist belt—all while staying as secure and steady as ordinary hook buckles.

The set-up: make it yours

Besides the hook buckle, the MX244 also includes standard adaptation loops on the shoulder straps and waist belt to permit attachment of Lindnerhof Taktik backpacks. Four Velcro® loops on the front and back of the carrier let you manage your cables with ease.

The MX244 also includes a pair of plate sleeves made of Schoeller®-dynamic stretch fabric. These sleeves cover your hard armor so they can be fully camouflaged in addition to offering extra protection for the plates.


  • Fully modular plate carrier
  • Standard MOLLE slots on entire front and back
  • Made from multiaxial laminate MX
  • 8 loops for cable management
  • Patch areas
  • MOLLE slots on shoulder straps (for cable management and tourniquets; Velcro® connection-enabled length adjustments)
  • Extra-slim 25mm patented hook buckle on shoulder straps and waist belt
  • Loops on shoulder straps compatible with Lindnerhof Taktik backpacks (HL334 Modular Backpack System 10l)
  • Waist belt size-adjustment (by means of cords and fixation in MOLLE slots on the back)
  • 20-rows waist belt (fixation by elastic cord on the back)
  • Shoulder straps size M
  • Plate size SAPI L-only
  • Includes plate sleeve made of Schoeller®-dynamic (sleeves come with Velcro® stripes to adapt Lindnerhof Taktik pads in addition to extra pouches
  • Add-on extras: MX233 Velcro Panel, MX106 Single Point Velcro Sling, HL105 Shoulder Pads
  • Weighs 450g without Plate Sleeve

Color options

  • Coyote
  • Stone gray
  • Black
  • 5fb Flecktarn
  • MultiCam

What comes in the package:

  • 1 Front piece
  • 1 Back piece
  • 1 pair of shoulder straps (size M)
  • 1 Waistbelt (2 rows)
  • 1 Elastic cord (3mm)
  • 1 Elastic cord (5mm)
  • 3 Cord stoppers
  • 2 Plate sleeves (made of Schoeller®-dynamic )