Double Magazine Pouch, IV. Generation

Lindnerhof Taktik

Latest model of the Lindnerhof G36 double magazine pouch with “Open Top” design and double fastening system.
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LT_1_001/IV_5FBFT G36 Doppelmagazin IV. Front
LT_1_001IV_COYOTE G36 Doppelmagazin IV. Front
LT_1_001/IV_5FBFT G36 Doppelmagazin IV. Side (1)
LT_1_001/IV_5FBFT G36 Doppelmagazin IV. Side (2)
LT_1_001IV_COYOTE G36 Doppelmagazin IV. Side
LT_1_001/IV_BLACK G36 Doppelmagazin IV. Side
LT_1_001/IV_MULTI G36 Doppelmagazin IV. Side
LT_1_001/IV_STGRAU G36 Doppelmagazin IV. Side
LT_1_001/IV_TAN G36 Doppelmagazin IV. Side
Introducing the IV. generation of Lindnerhof’s G36 double magazine pouch, this is a model which has a shorter and slimmer body than its predecessor.

Flexible handling
The “Open Top” system allows for very quick access to your mags when flap is open. In addition to that, the flap can be stored inside the pouch. An additional rubber cord secures magazines while flap is open. Also, mags can be turned 90° inside the pouch, either separately or as a double magazine. The pouch is fitted with a Velcro partition so mags can be transported separated from each other.

Double fastening
This pouch features a double fastening system consisting of a push button and Velcro. You can use the alternately. The pouch is attachable via two MALICE clips which are included in shipment.
Versatile compatibility
This pouch can either hold two G36 magazines, three M4/M16 magazines, or three AUG magazines (30 rds).

Product details
  • Fits:  2x G36 magazines,  3x M4/M16 magazines, 3x AUG 30 rds magazines
  • “Open Top” system
  • Magazine can be turned 90°
  • Double fastening via push button and Velcro
  • Shipment includes two MALICE Clips
  • Manufactured in accordance to the TL standards of the German Bundeswehr

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