Support Frame II. Generation

Lindnerhof Taktik

Comfortable support frame, ideal extension for Lindnerhof standard chest rigs.
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Lindnerhof’s 2nd generation Support Frame is a versatile add-on for your chest rig. It can be released at the front or back via wide clip buckles.
Modular expandability
The support frame can be optionally expanded via MOLLE loops at the shoulder straps and the back. Also, there are elastic loops at the back for radio antennae and pull away loops.

Reliable compatibility
This support frame can be used as an expansion for a “Standard” Chest Rig (one- or two-part).

This support frame is only compatible to Lindnerhof "Standard" one-part/two-part Chest Rig (LT_1_022-1/III_... and LT_1_022-2/II_...).
The Chest Rig “Light” series is fitted with 25mm clip buckles and not the 40mm clip buckles used with this support frame. Therefore it is not compatible.

Product details
  • Optimized for Lindnerhof standard Chest Rigs
  • Support frame releasable at front and back
  • Elastic loops at the back
  • Manufactured in accordance to the TL standards of the German Bundeswehr
LT_1_022-2/II_MULTI Chestrig, 2tlg II.Gen Front
Two-Part Chest Rig, II. Generation
LT_1_022-1III_5FBFT Chestrig 1tlg. III.Gen. Front
One-Part Chest Rig, III. Generation