Chest Rig Light, Two-Part

Lindnerhof Taktik

Two-part Chest Rig Light, featuring a fully detachable carrying system and an emphasis on lower weight. Versatilely applicable due to three MOLLE rows on either side.
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LT_1_166_5FBFT Chestrig 2-teilig, light Front
LT_1_166_COYOTE Chestrig 2-teilig, light Front
LT_1_166_MULTI Chestrig 2-teilig, light Front
LT_1_166_STGRAUChestrig 2-teilig, light Front
LT_1_166_TAN Chestrig 2-teilig, light Front
LT_1_166_COYOTE Chestrig 2-teilig, light Back
Lindnerhof’s two-part Chest Rig Light is especially suited for missions where every ounce counts, due to its extremely lightweight design.

Optimized fastening mechanism
Open the chest rig at the front stomach area via a self-securing zipper and a FASTEX quick release buckle. This way the chest rig can be dropped quickly and reliably and/or you don’t have to lie on your gear.

Lightweight design that is one of a kind
Lindnerhof’s two-part Chest Rig Light is one of the lightest chest rigs of its kind on the market. Still, Lindnerhof does not compromise when it comes to material and workmanship. Even with its low weight, this chest rig guarantees high resilience.

Full expandability
Like all chest rigs of the “Light” series, this chest right can be combined with all Lindnerhof protective vests.

Product details
  • Zipper and FASTEX quick release buckle
  • Ultra lightweight design
  • Expandable with armor carrying systems
  • Manufactured in accordance to the TL standards of the German Bundeswehr
  • Weight: 500g

HL_1_164_COYOTE 3-4
Support Frame HL
RMPL_1_144_TAN Chestrig Adapter-Set Front 2 Teile
Adapterset R1
Adapter for Support Frame
Adapter Chest Rig with releasable plate carrier
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