Plate Carrier, VI. Generation

Lindnerhof Taktik

Combined plate carrier with components made of hybrid laminate and Cordura
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LT_025/VI_L_STGRAU Plattenträger VI. front
LT_025/VI_L_STGRAU Plattenträger VI. back
LT_025/VI_L_5FBFT Plattenträger VI. 3-4
LT_025/VI_L_5FBFT Plattenträger VI. front
LT_025/VI_L_5FBFT Plattenträger VI. back
LT_025/VI_L_5FBFT Plattenträger VI. detail1
LT_025/VI_L_5FBFT Plattenträger VI. detail2
LT_025/VI_L_5FBFT Plattenträger VI. detail3
LT_025/VI_L_5FBFT Plattenträger VI. detail4
Plate carriers of the acclaimed sixth generation consist of a combination of hybrid laminate and Cordura. This combination, together with the quick-release system, makes for a reliable, lightweight and robust carrier system.

Integrated cable routing
Three Velcro cable retainers are located on the front part of the carrier, one on each side and one in the collar area. These can be used for the cables of communication devices and water hoses.

Velcro-attachable storage compartment
A closable storage compartment for small parts such as batteries, cable ties or snacks is located in the collar area of the front side.

Carrier for armour
Separate compartments are available for hard and soft armour. The dimensions of the pockets are geared to SAPI L-sized plates. Soft armour and shock
absorbers used in the “Special Forces Multi-function Vest Set” fit easily into the carrier.

Caution: Soft armour from BSST as used in plate carriers of the previous generation can be used, but may not easily fit into the compartment provided.

Integrated plate fixation
Smaller plates such as SAPI M and NATO standard plates (25/30cm) can be accommodated with the aid of an integrated plate holder for hard armour.

Product Details
  • Lightweight and robust
  • Equipped with a quick-release system
  • Front part with integrated cable fixation
  • Velcro-attachable storage compartment
  • Separate compartments for armour
  • Integrated plate holder
  • Skeleton waist belt
  • Uniform size can be adjusted individually
  • Manufactured in accordance with TL technical standards of the German Bundeswehr
  • Weight: 790g
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