P6 Universal Vest HL Steingrau Oliv

Lindnerhof Taktik

Ballistic vest for P6 (P9) SK1 plates by BSST or similar
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HL_097_STGRAU 3-4
HL_097_STGRAU Front
HL_097_STGRAU Back
The P6 universal vest is made for versatile appliance and situations. Featuring a quick-release system, it can be put on or dropped comfortably and in no time.

Hybrid Laminate
A very tear-resistant backing fabric allows for laser-cut modular panels which makes it efficient in material use and extremely lightweight. The resilient base is laminated with Cordura, so we are able to incorporate IR values and diverse national camouflage prints.

Separate Soft and Hard Armor Slots
The P6 Universal Vest has separated soft and hard armor pockets. You can store additional pouches in the soft armor slots (e.g. Velcro dump pouch). The hard armor slots fit SAPI L plates and the like.

Optimized Adjustability
The vest features dual fleece lining, both on the back and the front part. This way you can add padding (sold separately). The front fleece lining can be used for patches and expanding with Lindnerhof’s Chest Rig “light.”

Product Details
  • Featuring quick-release buckling system
  • Made of hybrid laminate
  • Separate soft and hard armor slots
  • Versatile expandability
  • Optimized adjustability
  • In accordance to the TL standards of the German Bundeswehr
  • Weight (Gr. S): 1.000g
  • Weight (Gr. M): 1.000g
  • Weight (Gr. L): 1.040g
  • Weight (Gr. XL): 1.080g
HL_1_105_COYOTE Schulterpolster lose, light, Front
Shoulder Pad
LT_1_250_COYOTE Rückenpolster einklettbar Front
Back Pads with Velcro Surface, Pair
HL_097_5FBFT 3-4
P6 Universal Vest HL 5-farb Flecktarn
HL_097_BLACK 3-4
P6 Universal Vest HL Black
HL_097_COYOTE 3-4
P6 Universal Vest HL Coyote
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