Gunslinger II INTEX Frame


Weapons carry pack combining comfort, reliability, and resilience
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G2_WB_INTEX Frame scabbard_front
G2MU INTEX Frame full wbg
EB_1_G2-IF Gunlinger II Intex Frame Hinten
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The Gunslinger II offers everything you might want in a weapons carry pack, including a sufficient yet not too large load volume. This backpack is top- and front-loading which allows for quick and easy access to the main compartment. Compression straps serve to adjust the volume to your load so the pack, it can be compressed completely flat. The Gunslinger II features a full-width scabbard which can accommodate all kinds of weapons for safe transport and quick access.

Intex-II frame system
This frame combines the best characteristics of traditional external frames with the comfort of an internal frame. Minimal weight and comfort make this frame indispensable when carrying heavy loads. The Intex frame is easily removable and interchangeable with the lighter and more compact Gossamer frame (AG2S).

Organized top compartment
The top compartment features small pockets and holders for mags, pens, and so on for organized storage. Additionally, there is a padded pocket for secure transport of smart phones, cameras, and other sensitive items.

Butt Cover
The G2 includes the GSTC Butt Cover. It has a pull-out sleeve and allows to fully enclose a rifle up to 60'' long.

Pull-out rain cover
A pull-out rain cover keeps your backpack dry in nasty conditions.

Product details
  • Front- and top-loader
  • Compression straps
  • Intex frame system
  • Organized top compartment
  • Integrated scabbard
  • Includes GSTC Butt Cover
  • Comfortable support system
  • Pull-out rain cover
  • Weight:  8.2 lbs (3,7 kg)
  • Volume: 2,700 cu in (44 liters)
  • Backpack dimensions: (h/w/d) 22''/10''/8'' (56cm/26cm/20cm)
A1SSME Side Scabbard Shotgun
Side Scabbard Shotgun
A2SSME Side Scabbard Scoped Rifle
Side Scabbard Scoped Rifle
EB_1_AG2 Gossamer G-Type Frame
Gossamer G-Type Frame
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