Endo G-Type Frame


Compact aluminium frame for stability
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Most of smaller packs have classic internal small-pack frames called framesheets. These plastic sheets are well suited to their purpose, but sometimes the user will want more structure. The Endo is the answer to this need; when inserted into the main load area of a pack, it nestles into the back corner, placing it alongside the main frame panel. Once there, the pack is transformed into a much more structured pack, with vertical and lateral rigidity. The great thing about this concept is that it adds very little weight to the pack.

Compatible with the following packs
  • G205M Gunslinger
  • G3M Phantom
  • X1A1
  • G2 Gunslinger II
  • X1E
  • F3 Halftrack
  • X3 LoDrag
  • X4 HiSpeed
  • G1 Little Brother

Weight: 4oz (0,12Kg)

EB_1_X3 X3 LoDrag Pack
X3 LoDrag Pack
EB_1_G1 G1 Little Brother
G1 Little Brother
EB_1_G3 Phantom Pack
Phantom Pack