Warhammer Pack INTEX Frame


Pack system with great potential for expansion and high versatility.
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EB_1_J51-IF Warhammer Pack INTEX Frame Deteil 1
EB_1_J51-IF Warhammer Pack INTEX Frame Deteil 2
EB_1_J51-IF Warhammer Pack INTEX Frame Deteil 3
EB_1_J51-IF Warhammer Pack INTEX Frame Deteil 4
The Warhammer is the little brother of the Skycrane II, as it has similar potential for expansion and function. Two butterfly side/main compartments can hold a 2-liter hydration bladder each and offer great options for adding accessories with its pouches and modular webbing.

INTEX frame system
This frame combines the best qualities of a traditional external frame and the comfort and minimal weight of an internal one. Please note that you cannot interchange the INTEX frame with Gossamer frames (AG2S or AG2L), as you could with the Gunslinger II and the G4 Operator, since here they would be too slim.

Expandability: Packing volume
This pack is built so it can be upgraded with the Spike Camp Duffel (J2SD) or the J-Type Dry Bag (J2DB) if you need additional volume. You can also easily zip the G1 Little Brother into the J51’s load bay. You can also mount the LP1 Fanny Top Bag at the top flap, which can be used as a separate fanny pack.

Expandability: Weapon transport
As a nice touch for hunters and the like, you can add several of Eberlestock’s scabbards (A2SS, A2LS, and A4SS) to the generous MOLLE/PALS type webbing that adorns the load bay. This allows you to easily transport a big rifle and several smaller weapons.

Product details
  • Fold-out side walls
  • INTEX frame
  • Hydration bladder compatible
  • Expandable pack volume
  • Optional expansion for weapon transport
  • Modular webbing
  • Two horizontal compression straps
  • Volume: 2,050 cu in (33.6 l)
  • Weight: 8 lbs 8 oz (3.9 kg)
  • Dimensions (L/W/D): 21’’(53 cm)/ 12’’(30 cm)/ 7’’(18 cm)
EB_1_J2DB J-Type Dry Bag
J-Type Dry Bag
EB_1_J2SD Spike Camp Duffel Front
Spike Camp Duffel
A2SSME Side Scabbard Scoped Rifle
Side Scabbard Scoped Rifle
Side Scabbard Sniper
EB_1_LP1 Fanny Top Bag
Fanny Top Bag
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