WB-Hülle H1-Colar - 2018


Optional extension for plate carrier (HL_044)

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The collar protection is designed forwearing a soft armor set. Thanks to the two-part design and loops on either side, the shell is easy to put on and take off.

Zip opener
Long zip fasteners on the front and rear of the collar protection enable inserts to be easily introduced.

Holds a four-part armor set
The individual inserts are introduced through the zip opening. The smaller protective inserts on the neck can be secured separately to ensure that they remain in place while running and climbing.

Compatible with plate carrier (HL_044)*
The protective shell can be secured on the plate carrier by means of a Velcro faster. The respective holding surfaces were likewise adopted for the separately available soft armor shell in order to ensure compatibility with the collar protection.

*IMPORTANT: It must be ensured that the Velcro fastener aligns exactly with the fleece pad, as the 3D mesh fabric may otherwise be damaged.

Product Details
  • Extension for plate carrier (HL_044)
  • Two-part design
  • Zip opening for inserts
  • Holds a 4-part armor set
  • Compatible with soft armor shells
  • Manufactured in accordance with TL technical standards of the German Bundeswehr
  • Dimensions in mm (length/height/width):
  • Weight: