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Dragonfly II with Aramid
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The new Dragonfly II comes with improved material: The aramid-ripstop fabric is extremely tear-resistant and durable. Furthermore the material is heat-resistant.

The hunting version of Eberlestock’s Dragonfly II features a built-in backscabbard fitting for tactical rifles with large scopes. Folded out, the front consists of mesh (that’s different with the military version, Dragonfly "M" Big Mouth ).

Variable pack volume
The pack can be expanded from its base volume of 2,800 cu in (47 l) to its full capacity of 4,800 cu in (85 l). For this purpose, open the front zipper in the middle to fold out the side walls. Also, there is the possibility to add the Spike Camp Duffel (J2SD, sold separately) or the J-Type Dry Bag (J2DB, sold separately) to expand the volume.

INTEX frame system
This frame combines the best characteristics of traditional external frames with the comfort of an internal frame at minimal weight.
Compression straps
Two horizontal and one vertical compression straps help to carry heavy loads and bulky gear safely and comfortably.

Product details
  • Integrated wide backscabbard
  • Easy volume expansion
  • INTEX Frame
  • Built-in compression straps
  • Removable top storage compartment
  • Comfortable frame
  • Removable waist belt
  • Volume: 2,800-4,800 cu in (47-85 l)
  • Weight: 8 lbs 14 oz (3,7 kg)
  • Backpack dimensions (L/W/D): 25’’ (63 cm)/ 13’’ (33 cm)/ 7’’ (18 cm)
  • Scabbard dimensions (L/W/D): 34’’ (86 cm)/ 7’’ (18 cm)/ 3’’ (8 cm)
EB_1_J2SD Spike Camp Duffel Front
Spike Camp Duffel
EB_1_J2DB J-Type Dry Bag
J-Type Dry Bag