Adapterset R1

Lindnerhof Taktik

Adapter set for combining releasable plate carriers and ballistic vests with any chest rig “light” 
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RMPL_1_144_TAN Chestrig Adapter-Set Front 2 Teile
RMPL_1_144_TAN Chestrig Adapter-Set Front
RMPL_1_144_TAN Chestrig Adapter-Set Side
RMPL_1_144_TAN Chestrig Adapter-Set Detail 1
RMPL_1_144_TAN Chestrig Adapter-Set Detail 2
RMPL_1_144_TAN Chestrig Adapter-Set Detail 3
RMPL_1_144_TAN Chestrig Adapter-Set Detail 4
With this adapter set, it’s possible to combine a plate carrier or ballistic vest with any chest rig “light.” This combination offers the advantage of being able to quickly switch or dump your gear without losing the protection of your ballistic vest.

In combination with a releasable plate carrier we recommend you additionally use the “Adapter Chest Rig Release System” (LT_1_251) to maintain a functional releasing mechanism.

Product Details
  • Compatible to any chest rig „light“
  • Secure fastening
  • Quick release/switch of the chest rig
  • 2 adapters + 2 fastening loops included
LT_1_164_5FBFT Chestrig 1-tlg. (6 Mag.) G36 Front
1-Part Chest Rig, for 6 G36 Magazines
LT_1_166_5FBFT Chestrig 2-teilig, light Front
Chest Rig Light, Two-Part
LT_1_163_5FBFT Chestrig 2-tlg. 6Magazine G36 Front
Part-Modular 2-Part Chest Rig for 6 G36 Magazines
LT_1_167_5FBFT Chestrig 1-teilig, light Front
Chest Rig Light, One Piece
Adapter Chest Rig with releasable plate carrier