Dump Pouch H1


Compact dump pouch with PAL attachment system made of hybrid laminate
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HL_1_062_COYOTE Abwurfsack, 1reihig 3-4
HL_1_062_COYOTE Abwurfsack, 1reihig front
HL_1_062_COYOTE Abwurfsack, 1reihig back
HL_1_062_COYOTE Abwurfsack, 1reihig open
HL_1_062_STGRAU Abwurfsack, 1reihig 3-4
HL_1_062_STGRAU Abwurfsack, 1reihig open
The single-row dump pouch is intended for fast storage of empty magazines, medical waste and other material.

Attachment by PALS belt and the slim profile when packed mean that this item of gear takes up little room on the vest or plate carrier.

Quick access
A band has been attached to the dump pouch itself over which the correctly packed sack can be quickly and easily pulled out of its mounting.

Adjustable opening
The width of the opening can be adjusted by drawstring stopper in order to better protect the contents from loss.

Technical data
Size when closed: 160mm/50mm/40mm
Size when open: 270mm/130mm/100mm     
Volume: approx. 3.5 litres          

Product Details
  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Fast unpacking
  • Adjustable opening
  • Water run-off at bottom
  • Manufactured in accordance with TL technical standards of the German Bundeswehr
  • Weight: 50g