Lindnerhof Rucksack H1 - packed for you

We were asked if the modular Rucksack H1 with a capacity of about only 12 liters is enough. As we are convinced of the versatility of this rucksack, we packed it as a trial, to also verify the capacity. Beside the carrying method as a wholesome backpack, he can also be worn as backside pouch or as replacement of the plate carrier back part.

The H1 was packed by us for a short (day) trip, with focus on agility and speed. Inside the pack there is only the bare essentials then, additionally to the body worn equipment. In doing so, we included the following categories of gear: garments (cold protection and moisture protection), food, personal first aid, communication, GPS, binoculars, headlight, replacement ammunition and combat equipment. You can also find most of the products pictured in the HQG store:


Rucksack H1 (HL_1_334_COY)

Grenade Pouch adjustable HL (HL_095/II_STGRAU_S)
Flashbang Single Pouch HL (HL_1_015_SGO)
WXP 2L Storm Valve coyote IRR (SO_1_WXP2L_COYOTE)

Alpha LT Jacket 2.Gen Ranger Green (ARC_18863_RGR

Cold WX Zip Neck SV Men´s (ARC_15391_CROCO

Small Radio Pouch HL (HL_1_020/II_STGRAU)
G-Panel H1-2 (HL_1_494_STGRAU

P-Mag. Pouch H1-2 (HL_1_004-2/II_STGRAU)

Packliner 8L (LT_1_871_STGRAU_8L)


Rucksack H1


WXP 2L Storm Valve